Friday, June 19, 2015

Nature Journal Entry - June 16, 2015

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So I'm really enjoying the Gutenberg paper in my sketchbook.  It takes water media much better than I ever anticipated, so that makes me very happy!  It also makes me happy that i live in a place with such easy access to all kinds of beautiful wildlife. As I sat in the sun on the dock I was kept company by a young Willet, hopping along in the muddy banks of the river

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The to my amazement and delight I got to watch a mother Great Egret teach her two young to hunt, while two Double Crested Cormorants bobbed and dove near by. A little while later a Snowy Egret was searching for lunch further up the river.  It is a wonderful thing to sit amidst the slowly moving waters of the river, the graceful swaying grasses, and the elegant, leggy egrets.  To be still, and move slowly, to look keenly, and be silent is a soul nurturing way to spend an afternoon.  
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Further up the river is a stone railroad bridge,beyond the bridge is marsh and a cemetery.  The cemetery is old, established in the late 1600's, and I think how fitting it is that the cemetery is edged by bridges marking a place of crossing, and of getting form one place to another. I mused about that in the facing page of my sketchbook , but the writing is scratchy and quick and not very legible to anyone but me, so no need to show it here.

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