Friday, July 1, 2016

What Would Your Life Look Like if you kept a Nature Journal

  • Journey with me through eight months of nature journaling in the video below.
  • Are you ready to begin your own nature journal journey??  

Nature Journal with Jan Blencowe from Jan Blencowe on Vimeo.
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Q. What would it be like if you kept a nature journal from month to    month, year to year?

Q. What would you learn?

Q. How would you benefit?

Q. What would keep you going, consistently making entries?

A. Personally, I gain an awful lot, more than I ever imagined, and those benefits are precisely the things that keep me going. 

  • Nature journaling always fills me with a sense of wonder and amazement. On a daily basis I'm made mindful of the beauties of sunrises, wildflowers, snowflakes and clouds. I'm humbled in the face of storms, inspired at the ability of plants and animals that flourish and thrive in harsh conditions, and filled with hope when I witness the resilience, diversity and adaptability of nature. 

  • Through nature journaling I've acquired a deep sense of the natural rhythms of the earth and those have become reassuring, guiding elements in my life, providing a sense of belonging to the natural world, and a sense of being truly at home on our planet. 

  • The video above takes you with me through eight months of nature jounraling. The film begins in November towards the end of the season for outdoor nature journaling. You'll see sketches of snowstorms through the window, and yes, even some outdoor adventures in the snow. Winter is a perfect time to visit the natural history museum and sketch from the displays. There are zoo trips, and sketching from a local live stream owl cam in early spring as owlets hatch from their eggs. The snow thaws and it's outside once more. Spring brings new life and abundance and the long days of solstice time allow for unlimited nature journaling possibilities. 

  • Are you ready to begin your own nature journal journey??  


  1. I like seeing the changing seasons as the video progressed. The photos of your sketchbook and the scene you painted are so interesting. I want to watch the video again and pause it in several places so I can have a good long look. This is all so inspiring.

  2. Your pages are all very beautiful and inspiring!

  3. Love seeing all of your beautiful journal pages. you have inspired me to start drawing and painting again. Such gorgeous work!


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