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Beginning a Nature Journal Online Course

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Learn the secrets of field sketching and create a beautiful illustrated nature journal.

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Imagine using art to connect with nature

Imagine learning ways to fine tune your listening and observational skills so that you can deeply engage with the natural world. Then imagine that you have a repertoire of creative skills that allows you to quickly and easily sketch the beauty in nature, beauty that takes your breath away and fills you with a sense of calm and well being. Imagine creating a beautiful illustrated book that holds all of your experiences in nature through drawings and personal journal entries. Each page laid out with lettering, backgrounds and beautiful watercolor sketches.
That would be a book that you would treasure forever.

Now imagine making that a reality…

Learn the secrets that will help you Succeed

Nature journaling relies on sketching techniques that are quick, easy and simple. These types of sketches capture the essence of your subject and don't require photographic precision, or years of drawing instruction.
Anyone, at any level, even a beginner, can learn these simple sketching techniques and create a beautiful nature journal.
The secrets that allow you to work quickly outdoors are easy once you know them. They will provide you with the skills to document your experiences in nature season after season, and year after year.

Beginning a Nature Journal is designed to guide you step by step. You will expand and deepen your connection to nature and grow in your creative

Are there Bonuses? Yes, Of course!

Extras and Bonuses
  • Pinterest board  - Contour Line Drawing
  • Pinterest board - Nature Journals & Sketchbooks
           from famous Naturalists and Artists
  • Pinterest Board - Nature Quotes to Use
  • Materials & Supplies PDF w/ clickable links
  • Make your own Watercolor Travel Kit  PDF
  • Field Essentials Checklist PDF
  • How to Bring Wildlife to your Backyard PDF
  • Bibliography PDF
  • Color Mixing Cheat Sheets
  • Private Facebook Group
Bonus Videos
  • Washi tape
  • Blind Contour drawing
  • 3 Landscape Sketching Videos
  • And a few more

Is this course a good fit for me?

  • This course is perfect for the absolute beginner. It contains all of the foundational skills necessary, presented in clear, compact lessons. Plus, you’ll be able to ask me all your questions in the interactive classroom or during the live Q&A sessions

  • It’s also great for those with some sketching and painting experience. Maybe your skills are a little rusty, or you’ve only taken a few classes, and you want to continue learning and growing. This course allows you to expand your knowledge and skills.
  • If you’re more experienced but are overwhelmed when you work outside, and have difficulty capturing what you see quickly, then this course will offer help in those areas as well. If you’re more experienced but are overwhelmed when you work outside, and have difficulty capturing what you see quickly, then this course will offer help in those areas as well.
  • Most of all, this course was designed for those who love the natural world and want to form a connection with nature through art.

How long will I have access to the materials?

  • The entire course, including all of the modules and lessons remain your in Ruzuku forever, so you can go back and revisit the material any time.

  • All PDF documents can be downloaded to your computer.

  • After you've completed the course you can still connect with me, other students and alumni in the private Facebook group, Nature Journal Journey.

A little bit about me...

In 1984 I graduated from Caldwell College with a BFA in Painting. I worked in the corporate world for a short while in human resources. Then studied floral design and worked as a florist. When my children were young gardening was my creative outlet. In 1999 I came across the book A Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady, and immediately knew that I wanted to create journals like that. Keeping a nature journal led to plein air painting and that led to creating large landscapes in the studio. I began exhibiting, and took a deep dive into the world of art. I taught, lectured, was represented by a number of galleries and gained entry into a number of prestigious art organizations. All of that was happening while I was homeschooling my three children. Then somewhere around 2009 I began to gravitate back towards working in a sketchbook, creating art for the sheer love of nature and the enjoyment it brought me. Gradually, I began letting go of art shows and galleries. For the last several years I have focused exclusively on making personal art in my journals, and nature is always my favorite and most meaningful subject. I teach sketching, and lead nature journaling retreats that weave together a deep connection to the natural world and creative expression. My children are grown now and my husband, two Shetland sheepdogs, and I live on a lovely piece of property with a thriving beaver pond and community of wildlife.

The Course Contains Ten Modules
Module 1  Introduction
  • Lesson 1  Inspiration
  • Lesson 2  Philosophy
Module 2 Materials and Set Up
  • Lesson 1  Materials and tools
  • Lesson 2  Setting Up and Making Time
Module 3 - Learning to See, Learning to Draw
  • Lesson 1  Contour Drawing
  • Lesson 2  How to Simplify Complex Subjects
  • Lesson 3  Nature Journaling in the Field

Module 4 Line Work
  • Lesson 1  Shading with Lines
  • Lesson 2  Line Work
  • Lesson 3  The Importance of Working Quickly

Module 5 Color Mixing Skills

  • Lesson 1  Color mixing
    • Limited Color palette
    • Mixing Neutrals
    • How to Identify Non-Descript Colors
    • Mixing Natural Greens
    • Sky Colors
    • Atmospheric Perspective

Module 6 Watercolor
  • Lesson 1  Painting Techniques
    • Wash
    • Wet in Wet
    • Glazing
    • Shadows
Module 7 - Landscapes

  • Lesson 1  Choosing a Landscape
  • Lesson 2  Simplifying
    • Perspective
    • Creating Distance
    • How Light Creates Form in the Landscape
    • How to Use Mark Making to Describe and Simplify
Module 8 - Layout/Design Skills
  • Lesson 1  Borders
    • Simple
    • Decorative
  • Lesson 2  Lettering:
    • Text Blocks
    • Headlines
  • Lesson 3  Designing a Page
    • Picture Planes
    • Vignettes
    • Grids,
    • Backgrounds
    • Groupings
Module 9 - Journaling/writing
  • Lesson 1  Basic Data
  • Lesson 2  Recording your Impressions
  • Lesson 3  Descriptions and Questions

Module 10 - The Wrap Up
  • Putting it All Together

Are you ready to begin keeping a nature journal?

  • Ten Modules
  • Video Tutorials
  • LIVE Q&A with Me
  • Interactive Classroom
  • Bonus Materials
  • Bonus Videos
  • Private Facebook Group


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  1. I would really like to take this course but it is closed--will you have another?

  2. Yes! Please send me an email at telling me you're interested and I'll get you in the mailing list for the fall class.

  3. I am interested in taking your nature journaling course. It says it is closed.

    1. Hi Monique, Spring registration is open! Please use this link and coupon Spring40 to save $40 on tuition.


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