Saturday, June 13, 2015

New Pages in the Altered Book

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 The image above was created after taking a short on line art jounraling class focusing on working intuitively. While the image is different in approach and technique, resulting in a different looking image than what's in most of this book I think it is a fitting image for what's going on in me right now. I'm creating like mad. Artwork is literally just pouring out of me into various projects. Each project that I'm involved in is something completely new for me. Either a new creative direction or inspiration, new medium, new technique new approach. I'm also involved with new people and I'm reading like crazy taking in all kinds of new ideas.
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 I literally feel like I'm bursting. I get up early each day and begin working and always feel like the day flies by and that I need at least another twelve hours in the day to accomplish what I'm excited about. Take note of the last sentence. I'm not feeling overwhelmed, over-burdened and sinking under the weight of work, which is felt as negative stress. I'm happy and thriving, excited to begin each day and dive into my work.  

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I'm learning, growing, stretching and enjoying every minute of it. I feel an enormous freedom, creative power and sense of adventure.  I worried a lot about putting my fine art painting aside, and while I still have a moment or two where I get a twinge of anxiety about that, 99.9% of the time I'm just having a blast.  

Here's what I've currently got going:

Altered Book Project
Faux Travel Journal: Greece and Turkey
Daily Sketchbook/Journal which at this moment is mostly a nature journal
Book binding
Developing nature journaling curriculum
SoulCollage (R) - it's a registered trademark and I don't know how to make that symbol that's the best I could do. Check out the link for more info. 

Here's What's coming down the pike:
Art Journaling projects - I think these may be themed
Another altered book project
Spirit Dolls
Fiber Arts Project

On Going

Daily sketchbook/journal
taking many, many mixed media, art journaling classes

Is it any wonder I'm excited to get into the studio every day!!  This is about me, enjoying my art. That's been my mantra for almost a year now and I'm finally in the thick of it and loving it.

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