Wednesday, April 15, 2015

IFJM 2015 Day 15

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Mavis writes: April 15, 2015 6:30 AM  Today's tea just Chamomile for my nerves. Stayed with C most of the day yesterday to give Edward a rest. He's exhausted. Evie is having a hard time coping well. Having lost Jack in the accident three years ago she is unable to deal with the possibility of losing her mother. Kate has returned to school to keep up with her classwork. C has stabilized a bit and with some difficulty can swallow pureed food. She opens her eyes occasionally but I see only faint glimmers of her. It's like she is buried deep within herself, imprisoned. I miss her smile and her laugh. I found a small snippet of a prayer in a booklet Brother Mark gave me that seems to bring me some comfort. Looking for a spiritual change for me.

I have not seen any of these things with my eyes. I cannot touch God with my hands, nor hear his voice with my ears. So in a way we are all blind.  What is important for us in following Jesus is that we should get back the inward eye, the inner light. So we pray not for a physical miracle, but a spiritual change.

Materials: Gelli print papers, deli paper, hand made stamps, collage elements, red and black Sharpie. 


  1. So drawn in by the unfolding story and Mavis' character. The thoughts on faith truly resonate. I love a woman who thinks.

  2. Yes, this is excellent. I'm glad I've been able to get some time finally to read the posts. Have been enjoying the photos of the artwork on Instagram.


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