Monday, April 13, 2015

IFJM 2015 Day 13

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Mavis writes: April 13th I have been awake since 3AM. I am reeling and adrift in a sea of sadness. The doctors say that C will never recover but Evie still holds out hope. I couldn't take in everything they said but saw her lying there paralyzed on one side and the unresponsive, vacant stare in her eyes. My vivacious, energetic little sister, her brain damaged beyond repair. Edward sits by her and holds her hand, stricken and in shock. 6:30 AM. 

Music scrap:
Soar we now where Christ has led
fought the fight the battle won
where,O, death, is now your sting?
following our exalted head

The inner life: that part of us where faith and doubt contest the mastery

Materials:  acrylic ink, acrylic paint, Gelli plate, purchased stencil, sheet music scrap, portion of a chop stick wrapper, Pentel pocket Brush pen, fountain pen, calligraphy markers

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