Wednesday, December 31, 2014

End of the Year Sketch Dump

 Click on any image to enlarge.  I'm trying to get all ( most) of my sketches up on the blog before the year ends. Even though I know I've missed a few I'm beginning to feel at least somewhat organized.

One of my big resolutions for 2015 (is it really twenty-fifteen ???) is to be much more timely about blogging my sketches and other studio stuff like print making, book binding, collages and drawings.  

 I think this may be the year of working on paper, and alternate media for me. Which I'm excited about. Working just for me and not for entry into juried shows. I'm totally looking forward to that kind of freedom.

I find keeping up with posting to my Facebook sketching page   and the Facebook groups Artists Journal Workshop and Connecticut Sketchers PLUS this blog to be very challenging.

It is however my intention to have much more here on the blog (especially with all the changres coming to Facebook in 2015). AND maybe, just Maybe I'll be able to get some video tutorials and classes going! Wouldn't that be exciting??

 Keep scrolling down to see the rest of this year's sketches. Then I'll have one more post for the year and I'll begin a fresh in 2015.

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