Thursday, October 16, 2014

More #INKtober

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#INKtober continues along and I continue to learn about myself, my sketching preferences and my materials.  Above Pilot falcon flex nib fountain pen and a light watercolor wash.

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This one made with a Pentel Tradio, which has water-soluble ink and a Kuretake brush writer in medium brown.  This was a bold and interesting combination.

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And back to Pilot Falcon flex nib fountain pen and Liquitex acrylic markers for the Northern Flicker and the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen and Liquitex acrylic markers for the Red Winged Blackbird. 

One of the things I am seeing confirmed over and over again for me is that I like to switch tools and materials A LOT. The choices are driven both by the subject and by the result I want to achieve. I also think my mood also dictates what I want to sketch which then drives the choice of tools and materials. 

I think it's really exciting to have so many options at my disposal, and I keep reminding myself that keeping a sketchbook is about me, enjoying my art!  

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