Wednesday, October 15, 2014

#INKtober Continues

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As you can read in my journal entry I gave up on the Moleskine and the idea of having all the #INKtober sketches in one place. I was just so unhappy with the paper in the Moleskine, even though I used to use them all the time, with both markers and watercolors. Now I just can't stand the paper for sketching!

I was also hoping that #INKtober would give me the opportunity to bond with the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, and in some ways that has happened. I've been trying since last March to really make that pen work for me. I was hoping its expressive qualities would make it my "go to" pen that most of my work was done in.  What #INKtober has taught me is what I had thought all along. I like the PPBP for some things, sometimes, but its not going to be my "go to" pen. It's going to be a tool I select when the need arises and the occasion is right.

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On this, the sixth day of #INKtober I went back to using a fountain pen.....a Pilot Falcon with a flex nib. As I note in the journal entry this pen has a scratchy kind of feel (unlike my very smooth writing TWSBI mini), which you would think would be a bad thing, but I actually like the scratchy feel of this pen. Not exactly sure why, but I know that it's the pen I often reach for.  Had some fun adding color to the background with a wide acrylic paint marker and adding some of the iridescent color of a starling with chisel tip acrylic paint markers (Liquitex).  I'm trying hard to stick with black and white for these ink sketches buuuuuut it's really hard for a color junkie like me!

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Day 7, TWSBI mini, ( I was trying to get a comparison going in my mind between the TWSBI and the Falcon, to see if I really preferred the Falcon....I'm still undecided), acrylic markers, Ultra Fine Point Sharpie.  More color than iIhad intended, just got a little carried away with all the great fall colors in these planters!

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OK, re-focusing.....working in ink only. Pentel Stylo sketching pen and a water-brush.  Indulging my fascination with paleolithic art and the origins of art in general. This (done from a photo) is the oldest statue of the human form in the world, 13,500 years old. Created before the agricultural revolution and the beginnings of cities.......mysteriously ancient.

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Maintaining my ink only focus using a Pilot varsity fountain pen. Sometimes simple is good.

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Learning some color restraint!  Just some color notes, trying to keep the focus on the lines.

More to come as #INKtober continues!!

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