Thursday, April 28, 2016

Owl-Cam Live Stream Sketches

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I sketch. A lot. I have a fav Facebook group I post to, and I have a Facebook page dedicated to sketches, a sort of counterpart to this blog, and it gets hard to keep up with it all!  Oh, and did I mention my Instagram account?

I've been blogging since 2005, over a decade, and my enthusiasm for being at the computer all the time is waning. What I really, love, what brings me joy and energizes me is being outdoors and sketching, and being with a group of like minded folks and sketching in a group or teaching a class or workshop that revolves around sketching, or nature journaling.

I'm beginning to suspect that good old fashioned personal, human interaction is the thing most people crave.  To that end I'm upping my personal involvement with people through live events.

Of course that doesn't do much for you if you live 2,000 miles from Connecticut!  So just like the live streaming owl-cam allows me a unique opportunity to sketch a great horned owlet, I'll keep using the web platforms that I think give you unique opportunities to engage with my work.

Here's where you can find me in cyberspace and how I engage in those places.

This blog, which I will update sporadically, with posts containing lots of images (to catch up!) , and a "Classes/Workshops/Events" page where you can get current  info on my upcoming live events.

My Sketchbook Hypothesis Facebook Page, which I post fairly regularly to, though not quite in real time. There you will also be kept up to date with live event info.

My Instagram Account which is more real time. There you are more likely to see pics of me out in the field working, sketches alongside their subject, my field kit, places I go, and some interesting nature photos. I post almost daily on Instagram. My name there is Talking.Tree.Creations  because you'll also see some of the other things I make, like Spirit Dolls.

On Facebook I post frequently to  Artist's Journal Workshop and Connecticut Sketchers

I hope that you'll find one of these fits into your own way of interacting on the web and keeps us in touch.

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