Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Video: 12 Days of Solstice Art Journal

Art journaling is such a powerful process and one that I really enjoy. For self discovery, personal growth, gaining insights and wisdom, finding clarity, unearthing hidden knowledge and abilities, and working through rough patches few processes are as enriching and liberating as working in an art journal. 

Freed from the constraints of making art for others ( clients, galleries, shows) you can explore (my word for 2016) and enter into the art making process with abandon and curiosity certain that you'll come out on the other side with more passion, purpose and confidence.

This Twleve Days of Solstice journal was made in response to a series of guided meditations which are part of Cat Caracelo's 2016 Vision Quest/Mythos Journey Class, of which I am a part. This year long Vision Quest is my first concrete step into a completely new direction in my life. Super exciting and a little bit unnerving. I must say that I am already loving it, as I knew I  would, since the moment I saw it mentioned by Anne Marie Bennett  at Kaleidosoul  it jumped out at me practically screaming that it was exactly what I needed at this moment in my life.

Vision Quest is deep and personal work and I'm sure I'll share some of it here but probably not all of it. 

What I do love to share are all the deliciously inspiring materials and supplies I use to create. In that spirit here are some fab new metallic paints I came across and used quite a bit in this journal. They're called DecoArt Elegant Finish Metallic Paint  I got mine at Hobby Lobby in three, too good to be true, colors....Glorious Gold, Champagne Gold and Renaissance Brown.  nice big 10 oz jars so I never have to be stingy.  I love using metallic paint in my art journals as an homage to the illuminated manuscripts created in Ireland during the dark ages and in the Medieval period. 

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