Sunday, October 4, 2015

INKtober Days 3 & 4

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I'm underwhelmed with this sketch.  I tried using the Pentel Color Brush pen in brown. Then added a water brush to make some washes. Not happy. Don't really love how reddish the brown turns when you dilute it with water,  Today I tried to rescue it with some Golden Fluid acrylics for a subtle touch of color, because in my world color makes everything better. :-D

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Color. Yet I love the look of other peoples black and white or monochrome  sketches. This is the same problem I ran into last year, I just couldn't stick to a single pen, and only working in black and white. This is the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen and Golden Fluid Acrylic.  It's only day four for heaven's sake. 

I suppose this tell me something important about myself.  I really, really rely on color to make my art. And that's OK, and good to know.  This is why this challenge and other "drawing every day" type challenges can be helpful. You learn a lot about yourself and your preferred methods for making art  when you commit to consistency and have some limitations to work within,

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  1. Color makes my heart sing! ONce you know that, there's no denying it!!! Why fight it?!?!?! (love those little gold pumpkins btw!!


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