Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Green Heron - different pens

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Just a quick post to show you the beautiful pair of green heron that have come to my pond. They are not nearly as shy as their larger cousin the great blue and I'm able to watch them through the binoculars and enjoy their beautiful plumage colors.

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You can see the difference in result between the first sketch which is done with a brush pen and the second done with a fountain pen.

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Here are the green heron done with yet a different pen, a calligraphy marker. I love switching it up with pens. Each type of pen gives a different line and quality of line, Line, even more so than color gives expression and personality to your sketches, so pen choice is very important. 

So these are my current fav choices for pens....Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, Platinum Carbon Fountain Pen, and Y&C 2.0 Calligraphy pen.  Be forewarned though I have an order from JetPens.com on it's way and September is typically the month I like to switch to using brown ink. I don't know why, just a seasonal ritual I suppose.

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