Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sketching on Retreat

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Yes, we are still getting snow. and it was actually lovely on Saturday when I was on retreat enjoying a weekend of rest, spiritual renewal and enriching ideas.

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I have a special sketchbook for retreats I began it back in 2010 but abandoned it because I found the paper so challenging.  The sketchbook is a Punjab watercolor journal.  The paper is hand made, very textured and really sucks the paint in as soon as it hits the surface.

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For a number of years I journaled and sketched my retreats in whatever sketchbook I happened to be working in at the time. I don't regret that , generally I like things integrated. But the lovely handmade paper in the Punjab with its irregular pages and soft fraying edges is so beautiful that five years later I decided I was ready to give it another try. Last month when I went on retreat to begin Lent. 

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Five years of experience using pens and watercolors and sampling many different kinds of papers gave me the knowledge I needed to make this paper work for me. The other reason I abandoned the journal was because I had tried some lettering and done some cutsie drawings on the inside cover which were not at all to my liking. But even that turned out fine since it prompted me to buy some books on hand lettering to improve the quality of my lettering skills. The custie drawings remain but that was a lesson in really thinking through what you want on the inside cover of your sketchbook before you dive in.

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Tomorrow begins International Fake Journal Month which I will be participating in for the first time, Here in the main posting area, and on the page you can access at the top of the blog using the tab marked Int'l fake Journal Month you can follow along. That's the only thing I'll be posting for April, everything else I'll be sharing on my Facebook sketching page  at The Sketchbook Hypothesis . I hope you'll enjoy following along.  You can read all about what I'm planning and meet my persona by clicking the Int'l Fake Journal Month tab at the top of the page.

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