Saturday, January 10, 2015

Starbucks People

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Sketching people is a new challenge for me.  Or rather, a fear overcome (it's still a challenge though).

Since taking the plunge and making a concerted effort to sketch people, which necessitates sketching them in public, I've actually become a little addicted to the challenge.  After just a few goes I found myself much more comfortable and liking the "riskiness" of it. People move, they leave, they might come over to see what your doing and see that you tried to draw them and not like what they see.  That has actually never happened to me (yet). I think I am developing some unconscious body language that let's people know that I'm busy and they shouldn't bother me.  It's not rude body language, I think it's just sort of an authoritative posture of some kind that projects an air of I'm a professional doing work, rather than I'm totally enjoying myself and would love to share this with you so come on over.  I don't do it purposely or even consciously I just have noticed that when I'm sketching things I'm very comfortable with, like the landscape, people seem to come over all the time, but not when I'm sketching people. This is all conjecture of course.  Meanwhile I'll keep sketching people, my one "risky" behavior addiction!

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