Wednesday, December 10, 2014

New Puppy Sketches

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Two weeks ago we added another Sheltie to our family. We have Molly, of course, who came to us from rescue last December 15th, less than a month after our dearest border collie Maggie passed over the rainbow bridge.  I am one of those dog loving souls who just can't be without a companion dog.

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Maggie was a rescue and it seemed fitting when I saw Molly on the rescue website described as "a Border Collie in a Sheltie body" that she would come to us. Well, actually I drove to New Jersey in a snow storm to get her.

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Now 11 months later we have added beautiful little Quinn, a biblack ( black and white) Sheltie just six months old. Shelties need other Shelties I think. They're a tremendously active breed, smart and love to run and play. In the absence of sheep to herd another Sheltie provides plenty of companionship and opportunities for exercise and using all their running and chasing skills.

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please not Quinn is a lot cuter than the sketch of his face conveys, I found it particularly challenging to sketch his face because his whole head is jet black and  it's actually hard to see his eyes and expression
Each pet I've ever had, be it dog, rabbit, turtle, guinea pig, has individual characteristics all their own. There are both physical characteristics like body shape, markings, fur type but also personality traits that are essential to capture to get the right feel in the sketch.

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Quinn is a fluffy ball of puppy energy, and Molly is no slacker either so I've been confined to sketching them mostly when they're exhausted and stretched out on the floor asleep.

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