Monday, June 2, 2014

Blooming Trees and Birds

Trees in bloom are always one of the great delights of spring. I discovered a small hiking trail called the Salt Island Overlook, which covers just seven acres of coastal habitat. It must have been a farmstead at one time since there were many old apple trees all along the trail. 

Watercolors and a Uniball Signo White gel pen did a fine job capturing the fluffy whiteness of the blooms on the tree.

I'm working hard on improving my skill when drawing birds in the field.  I'd seriously like to graduate beyond just using two egg shapes and a triangle for a tail!  That means some more focused study from books and photos and improving my visual memory skills when out in the field. It's a lifetime of work but it's really so much fun that I think I shall never tire of it!


  1. Take a look at for drawing birds and also to his book on the same subject.

  2. The apple trees were so lovely this year!!! Glad you got to include them in your sketchbook journal!

  3. Thanks Kirk! I actually have that book and also enjoy John Busby's Drawing Birds.


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