Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Sketching with Binoculars

Sketching in nature is a particular favorite pastime of mine. I enjoy being outside surrounded by the elements of nature, using all  my senses to look, see and discover what is all around me.

One really great help when recording nature is a good set of binoculars. If you're already into birding you probably have a good set of binoculars, if not let me recommend the set that I have.

Orion UltraView Wide Angle Binoculars

They're $150 and they are so worth it! A set of binoculars will open up to you an entire world that you didn't know was there. You'll see all kinds of things you've never seen before. One of nature's survival strategies is to be camouflaged, and hidden in plain sight.

So we really don't see a lot by just glancing around. So if you go outside and feel like all you see is a wall of green, and you think the out of doors is boring and you only ever sketch a postcard like view you will be pleasantly surprised and quite possibly dombfounded by what you can see and sketch using binoculars!

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  1. I just discovered your blog and I just wanted to say I love your sketches, really beautiful and inspiring. thank you for sharing them!


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