Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sketching to Capture the Mood and Moment

I know I'm behind in my posts!  But spring is a busy time as the weather turns nicer I find myself sketching outside more and more. The daily changes in nature keep me sketching fast and furious to keep up with Mother Nature!

 I wanted to share this particular sketch because it's a perfect example of how a daily practice of sketching can capture and preserve so many things that are very important in your life, and important to you as a person.

Even though my kids are grown, holidays are still busy and sometimes stressful days for me. This sketch captures the peaceful, quiet moments early on Easter morning when my husband and I had a few precious moments to enjoy some special seasonal foods and reflect on the meaning and joy of the day before all the hustle and bustle began.

I tried to record for myself the colors, the mood, the feeling, the atmosphere and memories that Easter conjures up for me. While it may not be as powerful for you, when I see this sketch is holds a symbolic treasure trove of thoughts, ideas and feelings for me.

This kind of personal, recording of inner experiences is one of the great benefits and pleasures of keeping a sketchbook.

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