Friday, March 21, 2014

Sketching Spring and Nature's Wisdom

Part of the happiness (for me) that comes from keeping a sketchbook is having moments in a day when I can focus on something beautiful for a little while and leave what's weighing down my mind behind.

Yesterday was the first day of SPRING!!  And not a moment too soon! We've had so much snow and bitter cold temperatures this long winter that nothing is poking through the still partially frozen ground yet. These two very traditional spring flowers, daffodils and hyacinths, came from the garden center. I love the little rustic baskets woven from grape vine.

Spring is a time of renewal and hope. Like the land in New England this spring I would like some renewal and hope in my heart.  It's been a difficult week placing my elderly mom in an assisted living/memory care facility. Those of you who have gone through this need no explanation.

Keeping a sketchbook makes me notice things. What I've noticed these past two weeks is that even though it is still very wintery out, Mother Nature is moving ahead with plans for spring. Robins are out of the underbrush and on the ground, the red wing blackbirds are back in the marsh, the blue birds are checking out nest boxes, and today the gnats are swarming.

This tells me that even though things look bleak and cold all around, it's important to realize that they will pass and to continue to makes plans for happier, better times. Isn't nature wise? Isn't keeping a sketchbook journal a wonderful thing that helps you see through the difficulties to life's beauties?

Today's page was created using a TWSBI mini fountain pen with J. Herbin Lie de The ink, Maimeri Blu watercolors, and Faber Castell Pitt Artist Brush Tip Pens. I love those pens because they combine so well with watercolor. They contain pigmented (colored) India ink, do not bleed through your paper, and are transparent, letting you layer glazes of color just like you do with watercolors. 

Happy sketching!

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  1. Yes, sketching and journaling can move your mind into a better place, and clear the sadness when it is down on paper. I've so enjoyed your posts on Artist Journal that it is nice to see the larger scope of the person behind the posts. Sorry about your mom, and I do understand.


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